VEWO INTERACTIVE just released its latest indie game, NEXOMON EXTINCTION, revive the old RPG nostalgia.

Fight, catch, tame and evolve your nexomons, form your perfect team and save the world from the looming danger in this era...

“…Nexomon is, potentially, the start of an excellent franchise…” (PS4)

“Why I love this game: –Very easy to ‘pick up and play’ or ‘put down'”

-Teearr (Steam)

“…The game has quite a sense of humor… The story was compelling and well written throughout…”

-Metro (Steam)

“Love it!…”

-trippfox (Nintendo Switch)


  • Choose one starter from nine nexomons
  • Fight, tame, catch and evolve more than +300 nexomons
  • Plan your perfect team, check stats, elemental types, strengths and weaknesses in order to be the best
  • Revive the good old times turn-based battles in HD graphics
  • Available in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC